Winter Kit

When bringing kids around in the winter, having an enclosure to keep them out of the snow and wind can expand the days that you can ride your bike. However, Aventon does not currently sell any kind of enclosure for the Abound.

Tern produces two useful accessories for this: the Storm Box and the Storm Shield. Due to the similar sizing between the Tern Clubhouse and the Abound Handrail, these can be installed on the Abound, but the Handrail lacks some attachment points that help provide additional stability, especially to the Storm Shield.

To improve the stability of an installed Storm Box and Storm Shield, you can add a 3D printed set of mounting points. These mounts attach with screws to the Handrail, through the mid-bar mounting holes.


  1. 3D print the Abound Clubhouse Mounting Nubs.
  2. Remove the screws holding the middle-handrail bars from the Handrail.
  3. Mount the 3D-printed nubs to the bar, attaching each with an M6x40mm screw to hold the plastic part in place.
  4. Install the Storm Box and Storm Shield following the Tern Installation Video.
  5. Attach the base of the Storm Box to the Abound footboards using 12" zipties.

If you benefited from these instructions, please consider making a donation to Family Bike Ride, helping support the mission of getting more families on bikes.