Improved Seatpad Mounts

On the Abound, it is common to have either have the full bench seatpad (with a backrest) or to have a child seat installed in the rear of the rack. In either case, the stretchy velcro attachment straps may not give a full sense of security for stable seating.

To provide enhanced stability, it is possible to replace the seat mounting nubs (the circular mounts) with 3d-printed parts that allow the seating to be secured in place more strongly.


To install, simply 3d-print either two or four nubs using the provided 3d printed model. Once printed, unscrew the existing plastic circular nubs, and replace them with the 3d printed nubs.

Depending on your needs, you may be comfortable just sliding the bench into place, but if you want an even more secure feeling, you can tighten the nubs from beneath the seatpad once the pad is in place. (This is easier before installing the Storm Box).

Using the Backrest as a Seat

While it’s not specifically designed that way, for folks who are using a Yepp Maxx child seat, the backest from the Abound Seatpad can be used as a front seat for the kids as well. By printing two of the 3d-printed nubs, you can attach it firmly to the rack, and have a two-seater bike.