Aventon’s Abound cargo bike is an inexpensive option for families. Members of the community have come up with some ways to improve upon or expand the capabilities of the bike. This project is meant to collect tips, tricks, tools and expansions from members of the Abound ecosystem.

  • Cafe Lock: Add a mount for a front wheel-lock, and a chain for theft protection.
  • Winter Kit: Use the Tern Storm Box and Storm Shield with your Aventon Abound.
  • Crates: Provide more storage space while carrying kids.
  • Improved Seatpad Mounting: Find out how to more securely mount your seatpad to the bike, and how to get seating in front of your child seat.
  • Technical documents: Various Abound technical documents.

The Better Abound project is volunteer-run, in support of Family Bike Ride, working to help more families find their way onto bikes.